Dorothy Laguerenne

Dorothy has been painting in all mediums from her earliest years. The high standard of her work as well as her remarkable versatility have brought appreciation from fine art collectors from varied walks of life. She obtained the diploma in fine art at Pretoria Technicon.


Her first solo exhibition “THE HEART OF AFRICA” was held in the state theatre in Pretoria. After having painted and exhibited her work in South Africa she travelled and worked in Canada and the British Isles before returning to her beloved country in 2000. She was in a fortunate position to stay and paint on the Estate of the R T Hon. The Lord Palmer of Reading, where she sold quite a lot of her work.

Selected provenance

The Anglo American Corporation

Maj. General Sir John S. Winton, Scotland

The RT Hon The Lord Palmer of Reading, U.K The Colgate/Palmolive Building New York, U.S.A Private collection of the curator, The Palace of Westminster, London, England

Selected exhibition

The Leith Gallery, Edinburgh, Scotland

Keith Kirsten International, R.S.A

Gallery Laguerenne Manderston, Berwickshire, Scotland

Residence of Adriane E. Michelle van Der Bijl Irene Dairy Farm, Irene, R.S.A

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