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I was born in Klerksdorp on 19 December 1962. I went to school at La Hoff primary school, Three Rivers, Renosterspruit, Saamtrek and Klerksdorp High School (KHS). Since my early childhood I had the desire to draw and started sketching everything around me in pencil, pen, crayon, coloured pencils and anything I could get a hold of. In the beginning it was simple stick figures, clouds and trees like any other toddler and as time moved on I began to develop my talents further and lived out my passion for art.

After school I entered the corporate environment and so far I have had managerial jobs that required most of my time and dedication. After hours I had classes with Bob Mckenzie,

Christopher Reid and Mariette Marais whom is currently my mentor. Sadly, my spouse recently passed away and I also became part of the unemployment statistics late last year when I became part of a cost-saving strategy and as a consequence staff reduction. I am currently painting full-time and have a love for nature, outdoors and focus on landscapes, just finished my 3rd portrait and are proud of the pastel results.

I like oil as a medium but I am currently experimenting with soft pastels. My artworks are very realistic at the moment but would like to begin to work more impressionistically. The love in my life is Ilse de Korte whom is my greatest inspiration, she encourages and supports me and is certainly my greatest admirer.

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