Lebogang Moabi

My name is Lebogang Ronald Moabi born and raised in Klerksdorp/Jouberton, I am visual artist working in mixed media also familiar with pencil, charcoal, acrylic, oil and wood my main focus is portraits, landscapes, sculpting and abstract.

I love texture in my works to give it the natural raw feel and powerful character, most of my inspiration comes from studying people’s faces, nature, dreams, visions, photo references and day to day local scenes.

I can paint both slow and quick but with attention to detail, my art consist of calm and vibrant colours I see my art as a healer to the nation.

I never had any training in art oh! I was born with art but I’d love to have a short training to expand my creativity.

I’ve exhibited most in upcoming flea market locally and (M.A.C.E.F) Matlosana Arts and Cultural Exchange Festival and only emerging gallery represent my works in Johannesburg (Jo Anke Gallery).

Most of my works sold to private buyers around flea markets and through my Facebook page “Moabi RawRare Interiors”.

I am a very shy person at times, I love to ready and exploring something new, I knew I had a gift of art during my childhood days, I used to make faces with window putty and draw cartoons and at school was also good in art class. I always had a dream to see myself as big artist and now I’m starting to realise my dreams are coming true…”Art is my life I’m stuck in it eternally”…

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